skirt in summer

What do you wear with a maxi skirt in the summer?

The maxi dress is described as a skirt or dress that has an ankle length. It is designed to be comfortable and flexible so that it can be worn in several different ways.

Such dresses are available in a range of fabrics and can be crafted to be worn on just about every occasion.

Simple to dress up for a more important event or paired with a trendy pair of casual sandals, here are a few ideas on what to wear with a maxi skirt in the summer:

Jacket or scarf

A jacket or scarf will easily transform your maxi dress from a comfortable everyday outfit to something to wear in the city. Depending on your jacket and shoes, you can make it look semi-formal or more informal to suit every event.


Sneakers are going to create the suit. Wear it with flats to dress it up or a nice pair of sandals for casual meeting with friends. Worn with boots all of a sudden, the maxi dress will produce a retro look for dressy events or everyday occasions.


You may use a belt to allow a fixed waistline. The belt will be used whether the maxi is folded or bent to make it shorter. Or a belt may simply be used as an accent to add a splash of color or style.

maxi dressThere are ways to ways to wear your maxi skirt in summer. Another choice is to use the safety pins to produce an even length, or to create a hemline that is blurred or curved.

The traditional maxi skirt can be turned into a glamorous style by using it at the height of the bust and rolling up the length to create a shorter skirt or a pair of pins to produce a dramatic look.

Using buttons or scarves, you can transform your maxi dress or jacket into a halter dress or a shoulder top. The pins help you to build different styles simply by the way you push and pull the material.

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